• Shilpa Bhim

How It Feels To Postpone Your Wedding Because Of A Global Pandemic

Updated: May 11

25 April 2020 - that was supposed to be our wedding date. But corona virus hit, and there was no way that our wedding (or many other people’s weddings) would be able to go ahead. So, we decided to postpone our wedding to next year.

To be honest, I’m perfectly fine with postponing. For us, it wouldn’t have been much of a celebration without our family and friends there, and people’s health and wellbeing is so much more important than a wedding! I’d rather have a celebration when it’s safe to do so.

But after planning, organising and looking forward to the wedding for over year and having everything ready to go, there was a wave of emotions associated with rescheduling it just six weeks out from the wedding date.

The emotions ranged from disappointment and sadness to realising that there are some silver linings. For those of you who may be going through the same experience, or if you’re just interested to know how it feels, I’m sharing the pros and cons of how it feels to postpone your wedding because of a global pandemic.

The Cons

We’re starting with the cons. Because I felt sadness, disappointment and a little bit of stress when we first decided to postpone the wedding:

Not Being Able To Celebrate With Family And Friends

One thing I realised as we were planning the wedding is how special it is to have your family and friends come together for a day to celebrate your union.

I was so looking forward to seeing and spending time with everyone on the day! It was sad and disappointing to know that, while we will see everyone next year, the day we’d been looking forward to for a while wouldn’t be going ahead.

I was also a little worried and stressed that we’d be putting our guests out by postponing fairly close to the wedding date. Especially for those who had booked flights and accomodation. Fortunately, everyone was incredibly understanding and very aware of the circumstances.

Working Towards Something Then Having It Put On Hold

We’d spent a lot of time planning and organising the wedding, and basically everything was in place when we postponed. Similarly, while we were looking forward to the day, we were also looking forward to life post-wedding, and picking up some projects that we’d put in hold while busy with wedding planning.

For want of a better phrase, it really sucks you spend so long working on a project or working towards something, only to have it put on hold because of circumstances out of your control.

Uncertainty About What The Landscape Will Be

Corona virus has impacted jobs, economies, group gatherings and travel everywhere, and how long this impact will last is unknown. This creates uncertainty about which vendors will be operating in the future, and whether events like weddings will be able to go ahead.

While we have rescheduled our wedding to next year, it’s a bit of a waiting game to see how things play out.

The Pros

Because it’s nice to end on a high note, this reflects where I’m at, and there genuinely are some positives to having to postpone your wedding because of a global pandemic:

Rescheduling With Vendors And Suppliers

The thing with a global pandemic is, well, everyone knows about it! Which means there’s not much explanation needed when you’re rescheduling an event because we’re all in this together.

All of our vendors and suppliers were incredibly helpful and understanding when we postponed. While I have no doubt that they would have been regardless of the circumstances, it was handy to be able to shift to bookings and deposits with little to no explanation.

Everything Is Planned and Ready To Go For Next Year

We’d planned and organised most things for our wedding by the time we postponed. Aside from shifting bookings to the new date, we’ve not had to do anything wedding related the past few weeks.

Closer to the wedding date there’ll be small bits and pieces to check in on and re-organise, but for the most part we are ready to go and it feels good to be organised so far in advance (even if it wasn’t intentional).

Something To Look Forward To

We’re all social distancing right now, and nobody is travelling. Having the wedding moved to next year gives us and our guests an event to look forward to, assuming travel and group gatherings will be allowed by then.

Life Goes On

While the wedding planning and organising is on hold for now, the rest of life isn’t!

Postponing the wedding has given us an opportunity to rest, recharge and start working on those projects we’d put on hold for post-wedding life.

That’s my rundown of the full range of emotions I felt as we postponed the wedding. I’m comfortable and happy that we chose to do so, but also glad I let myself go through the different stages of processing to get to this point. Who knows what the rest of 2020 will bring, but I plan on enjoying life for now, and picking up wedding planning later this year.

Have you experienced something similar with your wedding or some other life event? How did it make you feel, and what was the emotional process you went through to get to where you are now? I’d love to chat from you - she you thoughts in the comments below, or message me if you want to chat further!