• Shilpa Bhim

Goodbye Sleepless Nights, Hello Fresh Faced Me!

I’m not going to lie, life has been super hectic over the past few weeks. In between my day job, my writing projects and planning my wedding, I haven’t had much time for anything, not even much needed sleep.

Fortunately, the internet is full of sage advice and a little nugget of wisdom has been doing the rounds over the past few months. Apparently, this Sleepy Lotion from Lush is the secret to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Obviously, if the internet says it, then it must be true.

But, to be safe, I thought I’d give this bad boy a test drive. The results? After a few weeks of less than adequate sleep (and the associated eye bags) I’ve suddenly been sleeping like a puppy by the fire! So what is this magical lotion, and how does it work?

What is it?

Lush Sleepy Lotion is made with a soothing blend of lavender flower, oatmeal infusion, fair trade organic butter, jojoba oil, almond oil and tonka absolute.

Priced at $16.50 (AUD) for a 95g tub, you certainly get bang for your buck with this product.

Plus, being from Lush, it’s totally organic.

How does it work?

Easy, smooth the lotion over your entire body before bed, pop on your pyjamas and slip into bed!

On a more serious note, the power of the lotion rests in is soothing scent, particularly lavender.

Research has found that lavender is linked with a reduction in blood pressure, and heart and respiratory rate. It has also been shown to relax muscles and reduce stress levels, which of course helps with sleeping well.

So there you have it, this stuff is magic, and it works. I definitely won’t be looking back - a good night’s sleep and no eye bags is a win for everyone! I highly recommend you give this a go - let me know if you do try it out in the comments below!